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 Website creation www.etcimex.cz

Website development for Etcimex

 Website creation www.i2lresearch.com

Website development for i2l research

 Website creation www.asv-solnice.cz

Website development for asv

  E-shop creation www.saveli.cz

E-shop development for Saveli

  E-shop creation www.destruct.cz

E-shop development for destruct.cz

   E-shop creation www.cobb-grily.cz

E-shop development for Cobb


1. Web SEO analysis

After ordering the website or e-shop creation and signing the order, we find out the most sought-after phrases or so called key words related to the ordered web sites by using statistical tools. On the basis of this analysis, we also recommend a suitable domain. In case of web redesign we alternatively recommend original web adjustment. You will be given this analysis in order to increase your website visibility in search engines.

2. Original webdesign

After approving of the website conception based on the web SEO analysis, we prepare website graphic design. The final design you will be given to be approved of or commented on, will be in the *.png format file and in the form of a link which shows what the website will look like right in the browser window. At this development stage it is also possible to make fundamental changes of the design. However, only three graphic design corrections are included in the price.

3. Web site template coding, Content Management System implementation and test domain launch

After approving of the website graphic design, we proceed with cutting up the design and then with coding the CSS template which corresponds with the design. If the order includes flash, we work simultaneously on animation.
Subsequently, programmers map databases and Content Management System (CMS) in the prepared template(s) and set required modules and functions. Then a test domain in a usual form e.g. http://vasweb.artamira.cz is created for the web site. Communication will be realized through the e-mail address info@artamira.cz.

4. Web site content (texts, images, galleries)

The following step is to fill the web site with texts and images according to your requirements. At this stage the web site gets its final form and the constituent sections are fine-tuned according to the client’s requirements. However, it is impossible to make changes to the global graphics – it is only possible to modify text and gallery styles, single modules performance, maps into contacts and other features.

5. Web site delivery – making out an invoice for the web site creation

In case of ordering a web site with CMS, we will hand over your entry data. By doing this you will be provided with a tool for final tuning of your web site. The last thing left to do for successful launch is to set email boxes. Should the CMS work correctly, we recommend you to leave web hosting under our administration so that we could solve potential problems. It is partly for service guarantee reasons and partly for system update and website core update reasons. The system is being constantly developed and upgraded. In case of using hosting services of another company, you would lose these advantages. It is not necessary to transfer the website domain.

6. Website launch

After paying an invoice for website creation and email box setting, we launch the completed project on the required domain..

7. Catalogue registration

After launching the website the next step to do is to register it in free catalogues and full-text search engines if is ordered.

8. SEO check-up

Two months after the registration, we will carry out a check-up of results in search engines. We will inform you about your website position related to required key phrases which your website has been optimized to. Then we will possibly fine-tune the website or recommend some finishing touches to texts for gaining a better position. These modifications are standardly minimal.

Tentative pricelist

The entire price list is rather tentative. It always depends on the specific website and your requirements (performance contracts, specificity requirements, quality and quantity of materials prepared and delivered, the number of comments and corrections, etc.). Prices correspond to moderately complex web. To a larger and more complex site will be higher if you want a simpler site, or you have prepared high-quality materials, the price will be lower.

Web design and grafics
Top quality homepage design from 320 Euro
More complex design of webpages
Homepage design together with few subpages from 490 Euro
E-shop webdesign
Complet e-shop design with subpages from 750 Euro
Web development of simple web prezentation
Creation of simple static web sites from 500 Euro
Web development of more complex web prezentation
Creation of more complex web sites with content management system from 830 Euro
Web development of e-shops
Web development  of e-shops from 1040 Euro
Hourly rate
If the work needed to be addressed outside the scope of the agreed award, the hourly rate is 25 Euro

Contact us

If you need to have your website or e-shop created and want to ask for price calculation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible. The request should include information about your project: What is its aim and its extent (website map, possibly its structure), deadlines, functional requirements, updating, graphic design description etc. The more information you provide us with the more exact estimation of price and time demand we can provide you with.

For offer or further details please contact Mr. Lukas Vik.

Next step

If you need to have your website or e-shop created and want to ask for price calculation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please send e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

Telephone: please use e-mail below

Email: webdesign@artamira.cz

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